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Mark for followup



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      Mark for followup


      This story will be implemented with:

      The existing implementation uses flags + categories to display a colored flag. With the implementation of KW-43 category display will be changed. A user would like to be able to 'flag my email for followup'.

      This means:

      • From the email context menu, I can select 'flag for followup' (with some day suggestions)
      • When an email is 'flagged', it should show up as a task in the tasklist
      • The email should not be 'copied', but the existing MAPI object in the store should also get the 'followup' flag

      In the MVP

      • The user can flag for followup:
        • Today
        • Tomorrow
        • This week
        • Next week
        • No date
      • The due date of the 'followup task' will be set
      • A reminder will always be set for 08:00 (AM) in the morning of the 'due date' of the followup task
      • When the user sets a followup flag for the first time, display a dialog telling the user about 'flag for followup' (https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-1423)

      After the MVP

      • The user can set a 'custom followup date' when picking that flag
      • The user can choose to set a reminder when flagging for followup
      • The user can set a default 'reminder' yes/no in settings.

      With the introduction of categories and follow up, the following thing will happen:
      Current flags will be changed into categories and no due date items
      Red flag -> Red category + Red flag (No date)
      Blue flag -> Blue category + Red flag (No date)

      From the moment the user has an updated webapp/deskapp, following things can be done:

      1. Set flag for follow up by:

      1. Right mouse click on flag
      2. Right mouse click on item
      3. Remove "Complete" and "None" from context menu (these options are available below the flags, so not in the main context menu).
        "Set flag" -> "Follow up"
      4. Left mouse click on flag icon in the mail grid.
        Result: Follow up: No due date

        The icon will only be visible when the user hovers the mail item. Same behaviour as category icon.
      5. By default, a reminder is set on the due date. (08:00)
      6. No date: is No reminder

      2. Be able to set a custom due date and/or reminder: Post MVP

      1. Click on "Add reminder" option in context menu:
      2. A "Set reminder" dialog appears
      3. By default the reminder will always be set for 08:00 (AM) in the morning of the 'due date' of the followup task

      3. To Do's
      Users have an overview of their To Do's (tasks and flagged items) in the Tasks context.

      A new "folder" called To do's is created in the hierarchy.
      Column headers visualize the kind of tasks: No date, Today, This week, Next week and Tomorrow. This is the same styling as grouping: KW-493

      4. Task views
      The task view button has two options: "Simple view" and "Detailed view"

      Simple view shows less columns:
      Icon, Complete, Subject, Due date, Reminder, Flag (Currently flag is not possible) KW-1505

      Detailed view show the default columns: KW-1410

      5. Group Tasks Post MVP

      Tasks can be grouped by:

      • Due date
      • Status (Completed, In progress, not started)
      • Assigned to (Assigned to you, than alphabetic other users)
      • Type (Mail (flagged items) and tasks)

      6. Open a flagged item from task grid
      When flagged item (mail with flag for example). The item will be opened as a mail item. New tab or popout window, depending on the settings.

      • Change follow up context menu into:
      • Reminder can be set from mail item.Post MVP, UX needed

      7. Remove flag from task grid
      The user can remove flagged items from the to do list by unflag the item:
      Select "None" from the flag options. (context menu)
      When a users marks a follow up item as complete, the item stays in the to do list. (context menu or another click on the flag icon)

      8. To Do widget
      UX TBD.
      Expected: A nicely designed to do list available as widget in the side panel

      9. First time using flags shows info dialog
      UX TBD
      Expected: When a user uses the "new" flag for the first time, webapp drops a information dialog which explain the functionality: To do list etc.

      10. Restyle reminder column KW-1473
      UX: New icon
      Tooltip/ Hover on reminder icon to see the time:[ Reminder is set on: Date and time ]


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