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Import/export items



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      • Import (mail/calendar/contacts) - KW-611
      • Export (mail/calendar/contacts) - KW-615
      • Import/Export (tasks/notes) - KW-629
      • Settings - KW-628

      Import (save) single item.
      Ability to:

      • Import an attached email message to any email folder.
      • Import an attached contact to any contact folder.
      • Import an attached calendar item to a calendar (folder).
      • Import an attached task to a task folder. (Not for this release)
      • Import an attached note to a note folder. (Not for this release)


      • Each item type (email, contact etc) can be saved to any folder of the corresponding type.
      • An item can be stored by opening the attachment (which will open the corresponding view) and then clicking the 'save button' (or save as?)?
      • The right mouse button menu of an attachment shows a 'save' (or save as) menu item for each of the items types supported by WebApp.
      • When selecting the location to save the item it expected that a dialog similar to the 'copy/move dialog' is used.

      Formats supported for 'import' should be:

      • Kopano internal formats
        Item File type
        e-mail .eml
        appointment/MR .ics
        contact .vcf
        Task .txt
        Note .txt

      Export item as attachment
      Each item type can already be attached to an email, though we do not adhere to default 'formats'. You have to go through a set of menu's to make this happen. It must be possible to attach each item to a new email from the right mouse context menu of any context (e.g. calendar, contact).


      • An additional right mouse context menu item 'Send as attachment' that creates a new email with the selected item(s) as attachment(s).
      • Formats are usable outside of my own organisation. Export could happen in the following formats:
        Item File type
        e-mail .eml
        appointment/MR .ics
        contact .vcf
        Task .txt
        Note .txt

      *Multiple items*

      • It must be possible to import multiple items from a single file.
      • It must be possible to export multiple items to a file.
      • File formats: to be determined. To get started:
        Item File type
        e-mail .zip of .eml files
        appointment/MR .zip of .ics files
        contact zip of .vcf or .csv file
        Task zip of .txt files
        Note zip of.txt files


      • A feature in the 'settings' dialog (perhaps even a plugin?) that allows to import or export multiple items. Selection happens on a per-folder basis.

      Example behavior:

      • Open 'Settings -> Import/Export'
      • Select what I want to do: Import or Export
      • Select the item type to process (e.g. email, calendar)
      • Select a location to import to/export from.
      • When exporting: select whether or not to export subfolders of selected folder. Each subfolder in the hierarchy selected would result in a subfolder in the .zip file.
      • When importing: each subfolder in the uploaded (zip) file also results in a subfolder in the hierarchy

      Error handling & validation

      • Import the wrong file type
      1. click: import "item type"
      2. A file browser dialog appears
      3. select an item type from the file browser different than eml, ics, vcf, txt etc.
      4. Click open
      5. result:
      6. Warning message:
        Kopano WebApp
        WebApp could not complete your request because its format is not supported.

      Export 10 000 items

      1. Bob Huisman Do we set a maximum for a items selection?

      Import to "wrong" folder

      1. Import to folder
      2. Open select folder dialog
      3. Only show folders that support the type format
      • EML = email folders
      • ICS = calendar folders
      • VCF/ CSV = contact folders

      Import to.. dialog:

      • Header: "Import to"
      • Sub header: "file name"
      • Show supported folders
      • Buttons: Import, new folder, cancel
        • New folder has similar behaviour has adding a new folder in copy move dialog

      Import attachment to folder:

      1. Receive email with EML, ICS, VCF, CSV file NOTE that TXT files cannot be imported via this way!!!
      2. Click on attachment
      3. WebApp opens items in new tab (current sitation)
      4. Click download to place in specific folder
      1. Receive email with EML, ICS, VCF, CSV file
      2. Right click on attachment
      3. Context menu appears:

      Context menu attachment:
      Context menu has the following options:

      • Open
      • Download
      • Download all as ZIP
      • Import to [*folder]
      • Add to files

      EML = Import to folder
      ICS = Import to calendar
      VCF = Import to contacts
      CSV = Import to contacts

      Context menu mail:

      There are a view changes in the context menu for mail:

      1. "Download" has changed into:
      • Export as >
        • EML file(s)
        • ZIP file
      1. "Forward as attachment" has changed into "Send to..."
      2. Add to Files is combined with these upper two options in the context menu. Which means that they are visualized together in the context menu.

      Context menu calendar:

      Context menu contacts:

      Import items from the folder context menu:

      • Mail context:
        • Import emails
      • Calendar context:
        • Import appointments
      • Contacts context
        • Import contacts
      • Task context
        • Import tasks
      • Notes context
        • Import notes


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